Bodies and Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History

Franchise Conventions

Another space for inculcating the values of the company into the hearts and minds of franchise managers and workers was the franchise convention ("Tokuyakuten taikai keikaku happyō" 1921). Its purpose was to improve solidarity between the company and franchise managers as well as to exchange ideas and information about new products and best marketing and sales practices. The Tokyo Franchise Convention, held in February 1921, was the first of its kind. Regional conventions in each prefecture as well as international ones were held soon after. Hoshi Hajime attended each convention, accompanied by high-ranking executives in the company. The conventions often lasted a few days, with programs consisting of a range of lectures aimed at imparting the business and managerial ideals of the company and also providing information about the company's current and future goals. More often than not, the opening session consisted of guest lectures by important figures and personal friends of Hoshi Hajime such as Gotō Shinpei and Sugiyama Shigemaru ("Jichi no seishin ni motozuki kyōryoku ichi sono koto ni atare" 1923).

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