Bodies and Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History

Expositions and Catalogues

     Dianshizhai huabao offered readers a form of vicarious, sensual cosmopolitanism. In the case of the Paris expo, material appearing in the pictorial can be understood as part of a global fascination with expo culture. Material available in Paris during the 1900 expo included pamphlets, board games, postcards, comic strips, novels, and plays featuring the trottoir roulant. The advertising in the frontispiece of a weekly pamphlet on the exposition that featured the walkway offered Parisian women the opportunity to smell cosmopolitan – Parfumerie Rigaud offered consumers the chance to smell modern, to smell like an actress, to look youthful or to smell exotic with “Kananga Osaka” perfumes, soaps and facial powders.  
     The closest any depiction of a train in the pictorial comes to Schivelbusch's panoramic view is the verbal description of the journey taken by the train in the image of a train plunging into the sea, where the passengers are treated to a catalog of wondrous creatures. Late Qing print culture provided an alternate access point to the knowledge industry, opening a window on the world.   

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