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Cai Goes to Tokyo

Fired from his job as a teacher at the Tainan Number 2 Common School for his work with the Assimilation Society, Cai traveled to Tokyo in 1915 to enroll at Tokyo Higher Normal School, the most prestigious teacher training school in the empire. With his tuition paid by Lin Hsien-t'ang (the founder of the Assimilation Society), Cai stayed at the "Takasago Dormitory" (Takasago ryô). There, he met others intent on upending Taiwan's subordinate relationship to the inner territory (Komagome 2015, 33; Heylen 2007, 242). Cai stayed in Tokyo until 1922. During this time, he founded the magazine Taiwan Youth (Taiwan seinen) and advocated for the liberalization of the empire through the New People's Society (Shinjinkai).


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