Bodies and Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History

Person's-eye View

The person’s-eye view is not completely absent from these pages, because it is the perspective of the everyday. It exists in the images of temples, in the descriptions of festivals, and in the actions of people and groups as they linked sacred and physical geographies in these spaces and celebrations. Readers are encouraged to not be limited by the god’s-eye view I have imposed upon the material, but to experience the content of this module more as the historical actors would have engaged with the city and its important sites. Walk from one temple to another, as one might do on a tour of Jilong in the past or present; visit only Buddhist temples, or only Taiwanese temples; observe only the festivals and follow the deities as they were carried through the city, to see the extent of their territorial cults. The person’s-eye view is fundamentally a part of the multiple pathways through this module.

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