Bodies and Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History


Vehicles move things from point to point. They are the physical conduits and/or apparatuses that make the communication and/or exchange of people, goods, and information possible, such as ships, trains, and telegraph wires; they are the media that facilitate the exchange of meaning, such as surveys, magazines, exhibit displays, and letters; and, they are vectors—the biota that carry new bacteria, flora, fauna, and viruses from one place to another.

In Conversation with Other Crossings

Flows and Immobilities are comprised of and enabled by particular Vehicles. Vehicles can be Environments; they also take form in relationship to particular Environments and Rationalities. Vehicles are places, place-makers, and space-makers in their own right. Media carry information / knowledge, which circulates through pathways shaped by distinct Rationalities and which becomes a site for generating, reproducing, or challenging Imaginative Geographies. Vectors carry biota, which become legible to the state and other actors as Figures and against/along which Boundaries take shape.

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