Bodies and Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History

The Vaccinators' Oath

On the background of the vaccinators' oath, see A New Regional Network of Vaccinators.

The Vaccinators' Oath

[translated by Maren Ehlers, with thanks to Peng Hao and Brigid Vance for advice]

The vaccine is an effective method from the West for eliminating the poison of smallpox. Our country has been suffering damage from smallpox for over a thousand years. This damage has been great and especially immense in recent times. Only our lord has been lamenting this fact, and has been searching for a treatment in far-away lands to make our country forever free from smallpox through prevention. (Kasahara) Ryōsaku is a humble man but has taken on this heavy task. He is afraid the vaccine might go extinct and the endeavor might fail. The members of this alliance are looking up to the rich virtue of the state and are revering the authority of medicine's founders. They are working together with a single mind and see it as their mission to eliminate this scourge of the people. After implanting the vaccine, sometimes true pox will emerge and sometimes spurious pocks will appear. It is very difficult to distinguish between true and spurious pox. If a mistake were made, this would not only cause the endeavor to fail, but would also damage the enlightened reputation of our lord. We are fearful at such an outcome. Oh members of the alliance, let us observe the following rules. We must not violate them by any means.

We must not violate the rules of the clinic.

We must not vaccinate outside the clinic.

We must not delay the vaccination schedule.

We must not hunger for profit.

We must not emphasize status distinctions.

We must not emphasize seniority.

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