Bodies and Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History

Excerpt from the "Vaccine Travel Record," 1857 (2) - opening of Nishikata clinic

A Letter Regarding the Separate Clinic in Ota Village, Ōno Domain

[Source: Hakushinki, pp. 239-240; translated by Maren Ehlers]

I have taken notice of your letter. By the way, [the Ōno physicians] have recently come to notify me that they will open a separate vaccination clinic in Ota village, Ōno domain. Please take note of that fact.

Intercalary 5th month

Kasahara Ryōsaku [= Hakuō]

Addressed to

Saitō Sakujun [vaccinator in the Fuchū fief]

Tsuchiya Tokusho [vaccinator in Sabae domain]


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