Bodies and Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History

Satellite of the colonial city

This is an advertisement page for the local newspaper, Sakishima News (Sakishima shinbun), published on January 15, 1919. The ad marked [A] is an advertisement for a Chinese food restaurant called Shanghai Lo. It reads:

Taiwanese food

Roast chicken, Minced chicken ball, Fried chicken with curry flavored source, Palbocaeb (a dish containing eight kinds of ingredients), Fish with spicy source, Fried rice noodle, Rice noodle in soup, Rice noodle with eight kinds of ingredients.

We are happy to accept special requests.

* We have invited a Taiwanese chef. All welcome.

Yaeyama Okawa Village, Formerly Taisho Hotel.

Restaurant Shanghai

The ad marked [B] is an advertisement for a sawmill located near Ishigaki port.

At the time of these advertisements, Yaeyama's major export items were timber, charcoal and bonito flakes. Some sawmills exported to the other islands of Okinawa prefecture, but others exported timber to colonial Taiwan. As the colonial government promoted the construction of infrastructure such as railways, there was a big Taiwanese demand for timber. Thus timber grew to become one of the major export items from Yaeyama to colonial Taiwan.

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